Mr. Aaron Cardinell BMRPT

Founder & CEO: Indigenous Health Solutions

“The true power of indigenous medicine will be realized; when we integrate past tribal practices, with current western practices, combined with computer driven technologies”- Aaron Cardinell.

Mr. Aaron Cardinell is a First Nations Physical Therapist/ Physiotherapist, from Canada with 30 years of medical experience. Mr. Cardinell graduated from the University of Manitoba School of Medical Rehabilitation and was the first Indigenous university graduate in Medical Rehabilitation in Canada.

Mr. Cardinell currently practices in Southern Ontario (Canada) and owns and operates two medical rehabilitation clinics, in Tyendinaga First Nations Territory and in Cobourg, Ontario; and practices in the private and public health sectors.  Mr. Cardinell has provided direct patient care to First Nations patients “on reserve”, during the course of his career and has made a personal and professional commitments to the advancement of indigenous peoples health (provincially, nationally and globally) . Mr. Cardinell has extensive professional experience, within First Nations Health in Canada and has been working on various health projects with various Indigenous National Political Leaders, Federal Canadian Government Politicians, numerous community Chiefs and Tribal Health Authorities.

Mr.  Cardinell has been attending the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) for the past 10 years, observing, participating and integrating his dialogue for future health initiatives. Mr. Cardinell was an active participant for the UN Human Rights Council: Expert Mechanism on the Right to Health for Indigenous Peoples. Mr. Cardinell has started formal discussions for medical data collection, data statistical analysis and storage with Canadian First Nations Tribes, Native American Tribes and International Indigenous Peoples (from New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, South America and the Philippines).

“All progress is initiated by challenging currently accepted conceptions” – George Bernard Shaw.

Mr. Cardinell has developed Indigenous Health Solutions (IHS) with the true intension of Integrating past medical practices with current information technologies. I feel medicine and health science is about to undergo significant revolutionary positive changes; especially in the area of digitized medical information technology. I feel that indigenous peoples will be the benefactors of this change in eHeath technology; as this technology can be used to dramatically improve the quality of care, and reduce health costs. From my UN experience one of greatest needs of computer driven technology is the absolute requirement of having real-time, accurate, reliable, culturally appropriate disaggregated indigenous heath data; that would be recognized by various global agencies (UN, UNPFII, WHO, ILO, Pan American Heath Organization, Stats Canada, etc. ), This would include “data sovereignty” with personal health data, community baseline health data, national health data and finally international indigenous health data.

Mr. Cardinell believes we can initiate tribal health policy to include various facets of indigenous health that requires attention ie. women’s health, youth health, elders health, people with disabilities, substance abuse, indigenous mental health, also tribal holistic medicine. With accurate data and data collection, we can determine who has good access to health and who doesn't; this can inform policy makers and effect healthcare legislation.

Mr. Cardinell feels this IHS EMR technology would allow for decreased medical and medication errors, improve quality of care through improved medical communication, improving remote tele-medicine practices, and empower the individual patient (and family) as the primary stakeholder, to take a more positive educated or informed step to control the delivery of personal health. The IHS system would allow the integration of future computer driving health technologies; ie. physiological monitoring, remote physiologic/ vital signs monitoring, glucose monitoring, ECG monitoring, medical imaging storage, also genetics/ genomics and pharmaco-genomics.

Mr. Cardinell has assembled a tremendously talented medical team, computer engineering IT technology team and experienced business/ financial team. This team has many years of experience and has full access and support to numerous medical specialists, medical governing bodies, university medical schools, world health authorities and political support. This IHS team has direct experience within: UN and UN organizations, various university medical research teams, Indigenous medical schools, Canadian Space Agency, US Department of Defence (DOD), and many others. 


I would like to thank the reader for their serious time and careful consideration of Indigenous Health Solutions. I feel that we have leading electronic medical product(s) that combines all the latest computer driven technologies into one platform. We have designed our medical products to be implemented specifically to indigenous populations; as our health requirements have specific cultural challenges. We have also designed our health products with the capacity to be integrated into the newest and latest, computer digital health technologies. IHS has solved the issue of Indigenous  Health Data Collection.

Wishing You Great Health,

Mr. Aaron Cardinell BMRPT


 “Heath is an indispensable component of indigenous peoples’ very existence, survival and entitlement to live in dignity and determine our own futures” - UN Expert Mechanism UNPFII