• Indigenous Health Solutions

    Indigenous Health Solutions

    The products are innovative EMR
    (electronic medical record) devices that
    will greatly advance the delivery of healthcare
    services by enhancing the various levels
    of communication, between the health care
    professionals and the individual patient
    and concerned family members.

  • Indigenous Health Solutions

    Indigenous Health Solutions

    Indigenous Health Solutions (IHS) is a First Nations
    business that is committed to the improvement of
    First Nation's Health, through new innovative medical
    Information technology (IT) products.

    These products are designed to be implemented
    by First Nation's Communities & Tribal Territories
    and to be utilized by individual members or medical patient.

IHS eCard

IHS eCard

This IT technology is designed to help First Nations patient's keep secure, private, confidential and updated control of all their personal health information. This will be accomplished, with the use of powerful medical IT tools;; the IHS eCard and the IHS Portal Medical Repository. The IHS Portal Medical Repository, will have automated capabilities, that will include synchronize with the EMR (electronic medical records) portal for physician use and a portal specifically for patient use. The IHS eCard is a portable health card sized electronic medical record (EMR) devise, that will automatically sync or interface with the IHS Portal Medical Repository;; whereby, keeping the patient with constant secure access to their private medical files.

Information Access

Information Access

The IHS eCard will also provide, the individual patient (or user), various sections to access current health information including:

  • Diabetic care
  • Dietary care
  • Mental health
  • Dental health
  • Substance abuse
  • Suicide prevention
  • Family violence and
Many other important community concerns that can be targeted for a healthy lifestyle and healthy communities

All of the noted vital health information above can be charted and graphed in chronological time, for client/patient awareness and education on their current health status for diagnostic and treatment purposes.


IHS Implementation and Features

Solution overview.


The IHS eCard and IHS Portal Medical Repository will have the capability of:


User friendly, interoperability, hassle free collecting, safely storing and retrieving all relevant personal medical data (name, date of birth, current medical condition, etc); with secure encryption technology.


Provide patient's past medical history, diagnostics tests/ results, medications/ dosages, etc; that can be easily carried and accessed by the patient and the patient's medical team; including emergency paramedics.


The ability to allow the health care provider to have access to the patient's medical file and allow for professional entry, additional or continued updates, that will be automatically arranged in chronological order.


Future developmental expansionary capabilities, to allow: (ie. Remote wireless physiological monitoring andapplication of medicine, build future mobile apps, genetic and pharmocogenetic applications)


Assisting when patients from remote communities have to travel to larger centers to be assessed by medical specialists and to store testing or diagnostics results performed. IHS eCard will have their data and medical history on site.


To collect and access relevant community medical statistical or trending data in “real time”. In an effort, to make reports on various diseases, community disease epidemics, medication side effects;; pertaining to various factors ie. age groups, sex, socioeconomic factors, etc. This public health monitoring transforms the population to a clinical research platform.


Communication between the doctor, nurse or medical team member and the
client/patient; this is paramount in the delivery of health care which will:


Assist in the cultural and verbal solution to communication barriers (language solution).
Decreases medical errors, with proper pharmacological information.
Decreases duplication of services.
Saves the health systems valuable resources.

Also allow for patient's to access their health information, via the Internet, from anywhere across Canada or Globally.

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